>At this moment I am feeling a tad bit melancholy. There are a few things that are weighing heavily on my spirit and pulling the corners of my mouth down just slightly. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes things don’t go the way we hope. Sometimes it feels as if we are running into walls at every turn.

I know you’d felt that way. I know I’m not alone.

But being an idealist, I want so desperately to look to all the ways that God is good. So I am going to count out five of my blessings. Five is a small number compared to the amazing ways that God has worked in my life. But nap time is nearly over. So, this is what you get today.

1. Jeff. I have such an understanding, adoring husband. And I know that I can trust him. God has given me an encourager, protector, provider and a motivator. And, hey, he’s really hot too.

2. Elise. My daughter is a compassionate little lady. She desires to help others; especially those in need.

3. Austin. My son is singing fool. He loves to sing to Jesus. Especially while doing headstands in bed instead of sleeping. I don’t stop him. It causes me to worship.

4. Timmy. The other half of my combo sons. He is affectionate. Always generous with his hugs for me. His smiles melt my heart. He is my shy child. But that just means I get all the snuggles (yes, I am greedy).

5. Coffee. I know that it sounds kind of insignificant when compared to the first four. But here’s the thing, coffee has been a tool in my life. A tool for waking up, making it through research papers, keeping me from falling asleep on long drives. But it has also been a great way to build relationships. How many times have my friends and I opened our hearts to one another over a cup of joe? More than I can count.

How are you blessed?

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  1. >Hmmm…five blessings in my life. (I purposely say "five blessings" instead of "first five blessings" because I hate picking favorites and bests.)1. Facebook: This is kind of like your coffee blessing. It may seem silly but, especially since I don't have a phone, it is my only connection to many of my family members and friends. I love the conversations I have and the new people I meet.2. Great Lakes: I love my school. I love that it is giving me an excellent education in a field that is going to make a difference in the world. I love the professors who serve as teachers, mentors and friends. I love the students who spur me on in love, who go out for coffee with me, who stay up late giggling and studying with me, and who just love me.3. The ability to run: I don't always enjoy getting off the couch but I always thank God for the power I find in movement and in being able to better my body and clear my mind.4. Liliana and Arloa: My two beautiful goddaughters. My life would certainly not be complete without them. I love them both to pieces and they bring so many smiles to my face and so much joy to my heart.5. My church family: Back home I have the most awesome church family in the whole world! They have been with me through so much and I know I can rely on them for anything I need.


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