#FBF: Junk Food

Hey, junk food junkies! Did you know that a lot of the snacks you love were first enjoyed in the 1960s? So, next time you’re at the grocery store and wonder how we ended up with aisles upon aisles of nutritionally nonessential food items, you can thank the Baby Boomers!

Chicken in a Biskit made its debut on grocery store shelves in 1964. These flaky, crispy crackers actually contain real (dehydrated) chicken! And MSG. But you know…

Goldfish Crackers swam onto the scene in 1962 in their original (non-cheesy) flavor. Since then they’ve added flavors and varieties including Xplosive Pizza, Blasted Atomic BBQ, and Cheeseburger and their crumbly remains can be found in the bottom of school lunch boxes all over America.

Pop-Tarts! That’s right. Boomers were the first to enjoy these pocket pastries. And, hey! An 8¢ coupon? Neato!

(Note: 1960s Pop-Tarts don’t look nearly as radioactive as the modern variety)

Oh-Oh! SpaghettiOs! 1965 brought us canned pasta that was sweeter and easier to eat (so as to appeal to kids). Thanks, Franco-American!

In 1963 Chips Ahoy! promised 16 chocolate chips in each cookie. They made for a quick and easy after school snack. Plus their mascot was Cookie Man. I mean, how cool is that?

Opal Fruits got stuck in the teeth of children starting in 1960 in the UK. When they joined the British Invasion of America, they were given the name Starburst.

Finishing off the list of 1960s junk food are the great, the amazing, the extremely “with it” Doritos! And at 7¢ for a 1/2 oz bag? What a bargain.

(Also, can we talk about how nobody makes a 1/2 oz bag of anything anymore?)

So, which is your favorite snack from this list? Did I miss any that you loved?

6 Comments on “#FBF: Junk Food

  1. What a fun post! We eat almost all of these things in our house! Wait, I should probably be embarrassed about that since this a post on junk food. Well, we don’t eat it all at once. LOL My daughter’s favorite foods are goldfish crackers, spaghettios, and Doritos. I find it pretty funny that 16 chips were promised in every cookie. 🙂


  2. Great post, Susie! So fun to remember all of those great snacks. I miss the “Oh – Oh – Spaghettios” commercials. And I just finished reading “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” so I heard all about how Starbursts used to be called Opal Fruits. ~Robyn


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