Now Go: Writing and Fear and Madeleine L’Engle

I’m writing the last bits of my 1960s novel before turning it in (deadline is Friday!!!). I’ve been so happy to give my characters good literature to sustain them through difficulty. This quote from A Wrinkle In Time inspired me. I hope it does you, too.

Only a fool is not afraid,Mrs. Whatsit told him.Now go.-2

Life can be scary. We’ve been at war for over a decade, there are rumors and hints of new wars in our newsfeeds near daily, our kids go to schools where they have to practice hiding in the case of a shooter entering the front doors. And on and on and on. 

As Mrs. Whatsit said, “Only a fool is not afraid.”

In this world we will have trouble. Jesus let us in on that truth. BUT, we can’t quit. We can’t curl up in a ball and despair. We’re to take heart. Because as bad as it is and as bad as it might get, Christ has overcome. 

“Now go.” 

Move through your day, loving through the fear. Radiating joy beyond the pain. Bestowing mercy and gentleness and downright goodness on whoever you encounter (that counts of online, too). 

Because we know that, ultimately, we are not meant for this world but another. We are created for a place where there is room for us, where nothing will rot or decay and where violence is abolished. 

That’s the hope that we have. 

Walk in that hope today, friends.



Congratulations to Hannah Corner for winning the random drawing for an ebook copy of Catie Cordero’s Ramble and Roar. Hannah, I’ll be in contract to make sure you get that book ASAP! 

5 thoughts on “Now Go: Writing and Fear and Madeleine L’Engle

  1. Yay, I won Catie’s book!!! Woohoo! And what a great post! Full of encouragement and hope. Thank you…this was for me.


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