No Thanks. a little fun blog because I’m drawing a blank today.

RefreshLast week I spoke via Skype to a group of moms in Holt, Michigan (that’s just south of Lansing). I was scheduled to be there in person, but Lake Michigan had another idea and pummeled West Michigan with snow.

Thank goodness for technology.

Yeah, that’s me on TV. Fun, right?

I shared about what it means to be people of thanksgiving. That it means we’re content with what we have because God provides and He’s our loving Father.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I opened the talk, though, with a different kind of list…a list of things I’m NOT thankful for.

Would you like to see that list?

Good. Because it’s all I’ve got for this blog today.

What I’m Not Thankful For

1. Spam. Both the email kind and the “meat product” kind.
2. A sink full of dirty dishes.
3. Stinky socks.
4. Legos that are found on the floor in the middle of the night. Yowch!
5. Support top pantyhose.
6. Snow in November. December. January. February. March…April.
7. Goopy mascara.
8. Gas station hot dogs.
9. Chocolate “flavored” candy. Seriously. What a rip off.
10. The tupperware full of leftovers that gets pushed all the way back in the fridge in what I
call The Stephen King Zone (where all things go to a terrible, ghastly, horrifying end) and
stinks up the entire house, sending me on a rampage to find the rot. Also, I’m not thankful that
this always occurs in my best tupperware…the one and only tupperware with a matching top.

There you have it. Nothing profound. Nothing intelligent.

I’ll post something with a little meaning on Wednesday. Until then! Happy Monday!

(OH! Also, this Friday I’ll be featured on the Chacos blog…like, the shoe company…yeah. So, I’ll post the link and it would be super rad if you’d click over to their blog and say “hi” to me. Yes. I just used the word “rad”. That’s what happens when you get a gig writing for Chacos.)

11 Comments on “No Thanks. a little fun blog because I’m drawing a blank today.

  1. Every one of the items on your list is a teaser to a story, and one day I’d like to hear that story even if it is nothing more than an anecdote to explain the tic in your eye that starts when you pull into the Speedway. Because it will be gritty. And in the first person. And laced with hope.


  2. Susie, you’re a riot! Even on a day that you think you’re drawing a blank, you can write a funny and engaging post! So you do like snow in February only?? LOL


  3. You are a hoot! I find I can’t be thankful for chapped lips! I am allergic to every lip balm out there so I have to carry around a jar of Vaseline!


  4. Thank you Susie! I thought I was going nuts. (Well maybe…) My email post didn’t have it, and I thought I had something catchy to write to you…then by the time I clicked on your blog, February was there! You are such a “smarty pants” that you caught it fast and edited! 🙂

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