The Ultimate Winner Vote!!!

Whoa! What a fun (and incredibly challenging) month September was! Well…and part of October. 30 stories inspired by some very creative people! Thanks to everyone who contributed a story idea! 

The voting is now open for the Ultimate Winner from the 7 finalists (week 6 had a tie). You can vote starting now (Octboer 9) through tomorrow (October 10 until midnight Michigan time). 

Here are your finalists. In order to make it easier for you…you each get 2 votes to use however you want. Also, I’d like to encourage you to “share” this with your friends and family! Let’s get more of a voting pool! 

Here they are…your top 7.

Week 1: Starting Over — Inspired by Julie Weber

Week 2: Playing Debussy — Inspired by Holly Becker

Week 3: Killing Urges — Inspired by Amy Sue Williams

Week 4: Zernogin and the End of the World — Inspired by Brian Carter

Week 5: Blood Out — Inspired by Adam Meyer

Week 6: Dance of Hope — Inspired by Elizabeth Ferguson and Mr. Fuzzington — Inspired by Robyn Orme

Check in on Tuesday, October 11 to find out who won! And to get a list of ALL the 30 stories from the Challenge!

Happy Reading…and use your 2 votes wisely!






34 Comments on “The Ultimate Winner Vote!!!

    • Yeah. I’d thought about giving everyone 7 votes…but that might get too complicated (just kidding…I never thought to do that to myself). 🙂 Thanks, Holly! :0)


  1. Starting Over and Blood Out.

    As much as I liked some of the lighter ones, like Mr. Fuzzington, these were just too powerful to not vote for. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m already counting down to January! Maybe I’ll even come up with an idea this time. 🙂


  2. IS it too late? I vote for Killing Urges. BOTH. I just loved the complexity and twists. I never saw it coming. Please write more. 🙂


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