Votey, Vote, Vote, Vote…week 5

Well, I have to admit something…I’m behind. So that means that there will be one more week of the short story madness! Wah Hoo! 

However, for now, we’re going to start the vote for the following stories…

Implosion — Inspired by Karen Schravemade

Prank — Inspired by Nickole Huffman

Blood Out — Inspired by Adam Meyer

Leaving — Inspired by Heather Hammond

Please, read through these stories and let me know which you thought was the best. You can leave a comment on this post.

**Now for the announcements**

For the months of October and November I will be using as many of my writing brain cells as possible to complete my novel “Paint Chips”. That means that I am looking for guest posts! I’ll accept Creative Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Poetry, Song Lyrics, Photography, Photos of Fine Art (anybody get some good ones of Art Prize in Grand Rapids?)…I want these two months to be kind of our own little Art Prize. At the end of each month there will be a winner (chosen by vote). The winner will receive a beautiful journal from Love Calcutta Arts – a company in India that prevents human trafficking by offering a safe, clean and profitable job! (Better Way Imports has a lot of cool items for sale…all purchases help women to live in freedom).

All entries are subject to light editing and any over 1500 words might be put into 2 parts (posted on 2 different days). Email submissions to susiefink[at]gmail[dot]com (replace with @ and . ). In the body of your email, please provide a short bio and links to any blogs you’d like to promote (your own, of course).

ALSO! We’ll be doing the “Story Idea Challenge” in January! So, start thinking! I’ll start accepting ideas at the end of December.

Thanks for your support, Friends! You’re all my favorites!


24 Comments on “Votey, Vote, Vote, Vote…week 5

  1. Oh my, so many good ones again this week! I vote Blood Out. And I want to know the next chapter. And the previous chapters.


  2. Somehow I am always waiting until the last moment to get my vote in, albeit unintentionally. I actually thought I missed it yesterday! Anyway…I REALLY liked Leaving, it’s definately more up my alley…but I’m gonna go with Blood Out this week. I like how the story moved…if that makes any sense. 🙂


  3. Well, if Carrie is the last minute, I’m the last second 🙂
    I really identified with the Mom going nuts. And the leaving of all things known is something I struggle to even want to identify with. But, in hopes that somehow you’ll make it so that the whole gang realizes that Jesus paid the blood out for all of them, my vote is for Blood Out.


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