Only 9 hours, 54 minutes left!!!

Now it’s down to 9 hours, 53 minutes! You better get your story ideas in!


Here’s how it works…


I want to stretch myself and my writing. So, we’re going to play a little bit of a game. You pick the characters, situations, places, time (in history) and I’ll write the story. This is how it will work.


1. You pick a character. Give me a few characteristics (loud, quiet, quirky, homeless, rich, etc). You can even give me a name for the character.

2. You pick the setting (era and location. Is it in a home, mall, office?). Pick a year and region.

3. You pick the conflict (fighting with spouse, out of work, lonely). I’ll figure out the resolution.


So, be creative. Have fun. Give me a challenge! At the end of the month we’ll have a vote of the best/most interesting story. The winner (the one who came up with the best ideas that led to the best story) will win…

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So…go, go, go!!!

10 Comments on “Only 9 hours, 54 minutes left!!!

  1. 1. You pick a character. – A 99 year old women a day before her 100th birthday. She is upper-middle, class and has outlived her husband and 3 children by over 20 years.

    2. You pick the setting – Year 2075 (I picked the year I would be this age :)) In her home.

    3. You pick the conflict – Has she done all she wanted to do in her life?


  2. Name: Sally Vanhandel (She’s a fun, energetic woman from Asia who enjoys pulling pranks on people—)

    Time: the present
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Conflict: Sally attempted to play a prank on a stranger (who just happens to be a world-famous millionaire) and was caught.


  3. 1. You pick a character- Kachina Wildhorse-a native american teen girl

    2. You pick the setting- Year 198-whatever *cause you liked it then* in North Dakota

    3. You pick the conflict-she is a normal teen who likes all the popular things, but she lives with her grandparents, and they try to keep everything traditional. Oh yeah and they are poor!



  4. Character: Teenage girl (name remains a mystery until the end)
    Setting: some major metropolitan city
    Conflict: Girl runs away from home (abuse?), but is somehow injured along the way. When she comes to (which is where the story should start) somewhere in the street she has no idea where she is or who she is and all she has in her pocket is an address with no city and no name and a $20 bill.


  5. Character: amish woman (just kidding). A good-hearted gangster

    Setting: A large city. How about Phoenix?

    Conflict: Morality vs Loyalty.


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